At the crossroads of Highways 89 and 190 in Weakley County, Tennessee, Palmersville is one of the oldest settlements in the county. Located at: 36°24’12″N 88°35’14″W

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Thanks to Lee Bennet for this write-up:

Palmersville is a small community located in the Northeast corner of Weakley County.  It was named for W.R. Palmer, one of the early settlers who lived near Cane Creek.  It was also one of the first three settlements in Weakley County and has always been mainly a farming and, at one time, dairy community.  During the late 1800’s we find the Palmersville was blessed with many of the institutions which comprise our modern day communities – schools, churches, and various manufacturing enterprises.

The first business section included a drug store, four merchandise stores, a mill, a garage, a post office, a bank, a cheese factory, a blacksmith shop and three churches.  In 1924, a fire destroyed most of the town leaving only the bank, two stores and Riggins Blacksmith Shop.

All new construction moved a short distance to the highway to begin a new town.  The first businesses to open were a service station, general merchandise, mill, grocery store, electrical appliance and garage.

The citizens in the late 19th century recognized the need for an educational system.  A school was organized and composed of an elementary school, preparatory or high school and a college-named Minida. B.S. and B.A. degrees were offered.  The fee for a B.S. degree was $8.25 per term for ten weeks and $10.00 per term for a B.A.  The school was in session until the building was condemned.  Land was purchased and the new school was built on accommodate more students and an expanded curriculum.  In 1951 a new gym was built.  In 1981 the old building was torn down and replaced with a modern brick building.

With the passing of time, the town expanded to include a First State Bank (which is now the main office of the Palmersville Historical Society), post office (now closed), The Store (now closed), CJ’s Restaurant,  Larry’s Service Station, Perry’s Farm Supply, Hutson Fertilizer Distributor, Fire Station and Cantrell Lumber Company.

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