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  1. I do not know if this is true, but my name is Dana G. Hardy. We bought a home in Palmersville in 1974 and were told the land adjacent to the home was where this College was located. Allegedly that it burned down and part of the home we built hand lumber from that home. We did some extensive remodeling and found lumber in the walls of the center of the home that were burned. Does anybody know if this may be true? It was built…the home we bought…for the local Doctor. We found tiny medicine bottles in the floor ….under dirt in the barn….

    • Dana —

      June Kemp writes: The only information I have is that the College was in operation until 1911 when it was condemned as being unsafe for occupancy and razed. Whether this was due to a fire or not I cannot say. Dr. George Biggs’ dwelling was located adjacent to the College. As he was married in 1914, it is very possible that he could have used lumber from the College in the building of their home.

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